There are many jars to choose from.  First choice would be to ask any old people you know if they have some you can have.  Second choice, go buy what you need at the grocery store or hardware or general store.
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Use Hygrolid with wide mouth canning jars for curing, storing, and monitoring your dried goods.  Hygrolid fits on any standard wide mouth mason jar and secures with the metal ring that comes with your mason jar.  Once in place the hygrolid will tell you the Relative Humidity (RH) inside the jar.  You can use the RH reading to decide if it is safe to put your dry goods up for short or long term storage.

The RH inside the jar is determined by the Moisture Content of your dried goods.  The wetter the goods, the higher the RH.  When dried goods are first placed in a sealed jar they quickly begin to affect the RH and within an hour you can determine the relative dryness of your good.

To safely store dry goods for long periods of time the relative humidity of your sealed container for storage should be below %70 RH.  This will help prevent the risk of molding without having to risk overdrying.